Joseph Chilliams is gearing up to drop his debut project Henry Church, calling on artists Noname and Supa Bwe, both fellow Chicago natives, to collaborate on his track “Kale.” Chilliams shares, “It’s a middle finger to Lil Bow Wow and aspects of the industry we disagree with. A song about holding down loved ones and loss and being as black and excellent as we can be at all times.” His appreciation for Noname’s music was always immense so when she reached out to him about working together, Chilliams pulled a beat from his arsenal and immediately began drafting the hook for “Kale.” Supa Bwe came to be on the track after Chilliams premiered the song at a party where a lot of his favorite artists were present; he moved the crowd and after it finished, Supa approached him and expressed his desire to spit a few bars on the single. Enjoy the song below via Soundcloud and peep the tracklist to the forthcoming project Henry Church which is set to drop August 24th.


01. Opening Theme
02. Fergie
03. Buck (f/ MFnMelo)
04. Shake My Ass (f/ Jamila Woods)
05. Kale (f/ Noname and Supa Bwe)
06. FN-2185 (f/ SKYLR and Sen Morimoto)
07. Mr. Socko
08. Come Home With Me (f/ Kiara Lanier and Add-2)
09. Werewolf (f/ Kevo B and Saba)
10. Toothbrushes (f/ Sen Morimoto)
11. How To Not Be Memphis Bleek (f/ Raych)
12. B2KK
13. Charlie Murphy (f/ DinnerWithJohn)


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