K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books.

It’s that time of year where brands begin to introduce their Spring/Summer lines to the market and German-based K1X went all-in with their collection for 2014. Featuring everything from new hoodies to sneakers, a wide variety of colorful prints and crisp graphics have impressed us and we cannot wait to see some of it in-person. Their street-basketball inspiration is unmistakable throughout the lookbook which was conducted by street-ball documentarist Jonathan Lopez. The NYC vibes are pouring out of each piece which leads us into their “Franchise 2.0” collection. Stated from K1X themselves, “K1X’s latest edition of the heralded “Franchise Series” once again pays homage to some of basketball’s most vibrant hotbeds: Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco/Oakland and Miami.” You can see from the pieces below what cities have been represented and only a handful of the collection is featured down below. Both collections are currently available at K1X and Kickz and let us know if you’re digging what K1X has dished out.

K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books. k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety13 K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books. K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books. k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety15 K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books. k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety2 K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books. k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety14 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety26 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety21 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety22 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety32 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety30 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety29 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety20 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety19 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety18 k1x-spring-summer-2014-franchise-edition-modern-notoriety17

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