After calling into Hot 97 to clear the air on a rumor he kicked kids out of a Chuck E Cheese for his daughter to enjoy the place solo dolo, ‘Ye shifted to the future, with, as you can hear above, emphasis being placed on family, music and his next Yeezy Collection (all things we can get behind).

Comparing his upcoming album to the likes of 808’s and Dark Twisted, it appears Kanye and his band of collaborators have drummed up some magic. On another interesting note though, ‘Ye spoke on Steph Curry, joking (though we wouldn’t be surprised if he was serious) that Steph should ditch Under Armour and join team Yeezy. Kanye has been wanting to design basketball jerseys for some time, so the Yeezy Sport line could be straight heat. Would you like to see Kanye re-imaging the basketball sneaker? We know we would, but feel free to share your opinion (I just cringed at the thought of what some of you might say…) via our FB.


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