Kanye West has joined forces with Nick Knight, a well-known fashion photographer, filmmaker, and founder of SHOWstudio, to launch a new YEEZY SUPPLY website.

With YEEZY SUPPLY 2.0 underway, everyone can expect an online experience like never before. The website will feature interactive models that will preview the next season of YEEZY apparel and footwear. Clicking on the model gives you info on the clothes, but also background info on the actual model wearing the clothes.

The foundation for the site started when West and Knight were discussing the most “unpleasant” aspects of websites. Retailers from Barney’s to Staples all use a simple generic interface that was created in the ’90s where people browse and filter through a simple catalog. Although some brands/websites try to stand out, Yeezy Supply will be the first to break all of the rules of online retail. At one point, West and Knight had an experiment for the site that if the customer did not shop fast enough a model would appear on the screen and wipe it out. Although, the model did not make it to final website, it provoked the thought of making a more in-depth web experience.

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming YZY SPLY website in the video above, courtesy of SHOWstudio, and stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for more YEEZY news.



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