To no surprise, the Nike Air Yeezy 2 became one of the most hyped sneakers in 2012 and lately, there hasn’t been much buzz about these since Don C’s Tumblr Photo. Earlier this week, Kanye West was spotted wearing the Black / Pink colorway once again in Paris. For those that haven’t heard about the release date, We have it listed below. Photos Via Bauer

Nike Air Yeezy 2
Black / Pink NRG


  1. OMFG!!! WHERE'S THE LEATHER PANTS?!?! Did customs fuck up and lose his shit? Doubt that, there's no fuckin' way Ye packed the leather joints and checked em in his luggage, he'd have worn em on the plane and let his balls sweat like two small black hamsters for the entire 14hr flight. No other human being on the entire planet would sit on an airplane in leather pants, but YE WOULD!!!…..I can't fuckin' believe this dude's in somewhat normal jeans!!! Maybe he's got a fever and in a state of medically induced confusion he grabbed his Jordache jeans instead of the leather man-whore pants.


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