kanye-west-nike-mag-2011 (3)   Even Kanye West Himself seems to have forgotten about his own Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneaker, as he was spotted rocking the Nike Mag 2011 at the Austin City Limits festival last night. Kanye West wore the Nike Air Mag throughout his performance and sure enough, he probably dropped a pretty penny on these considering the fact that Tinker stated that these wouldn’t be given to anyone.

Win the bid on a pair of Nike Mag 2011 Here.

Check out San Francisco Giant Brian Wilson rock his pair of Nike Mag 2011 Here.

kanye-west-nike-mag-2011 (1) kanye-west-nike-mag-2011 (2)

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  1. ^^^ forget wht this guy is saying ^^^

    based on how it looks on kanye I would love to get a pair. . .

    in 2015

  2. @HeroAJ Your dumb. kanye is the only 1 that can rock em and still looked at like a fucking hero. air mags are ugly tho hypebeast bullshit

  3. Guess what, I wore Timbs today. Since we're on everybody's jock about what they wore as if it has any importance in the sneaker community, maybe you should make a post about me wearing my Timberlands today. I'll send pictures if need be.

  4. @Gibson:You can come out on a "Pic of the day" if u wear your kicks rite… but to reply to what your saying, no were not on anybodys jock about what they wore But it is cool to see what celebs like Kan are wearing(Im sure you agree or why would you even open this post), but when it comes to these ugly Mags the only person that can make the look tight would be Kan so yes I do wanna see how he wears these…


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