“Red October”
red october

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  1. Kanye West is a dooche, not a designer. He shouldn’t be doing fashion, he isn’t any good nor has he gone to design/ art school. It’s an insult to all other artists and designers who has studied and practice design arts let alone having is name affiliated with the likes of legends like Yohji. Stop giving him the attention, he’s just a commercial name which sports labels use to flog more product.

  2. Oh sorry, he did go art school – for one full semester. My apologies Kayne, please continue to attempt to claim recognition that is equivalent to someone who’s dedicated their whole life to fashion and please continue to use your crayons to colour in line work of sneakers drawn by professional designers and call it yours.

  3. im in love. I need these now. I like how they have traits from the yeezys but theyre still original. I love them and id probably buy all of them. I need a release date !

  4. Only stupid ppl would comment and bash kanye …. He did not make these , theyre concepts made by another artist that has nothing to do with ye , he makes a bunch of concept sneaker art he has a page on deviart or devianart .. whatever it’s called lol

  5. 99.9% positive that “E” is a scrub and has no clue what he is talking about. Kid sound like a pseudo fashionisto that was rocking Hollister hoodies about a week ago. Stop talking in forum post verbatim you scrub.


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