Over the weekend, Kanye West went on a Twitter spree, though instead of his usual rants, Ye shared a bunch of images of projects he’s working on and works from others that inspire him.

Some of the tweets showed a concept underwater home, while others gave us a peek at some unreleased YEEZY footwear. There’s a yellow Wave Runner, a 700 V3 constructed from knit and foam, plus something that West calls “TURRELLIENS.” While each one of those is unique in its own right, the one that caught our attention the most is the one with the caption “YZY D Rose coming soon ๐Ÿ•Š.”

The shoe appears to be made from the same foam material as the YZY Foam Runner. It even has the same color and general shape, though the design is completely different. While the Foam Runner is smooth with holes throughout the upper, the D Rose shoe is covered in deep ridges.

Following the reveal by West, Derrick Rose’s wife, Alaina Anderson, took to Instagram to share an on-feet look at the upcoming “DZY” (D. Rose x YZY). Anderson reveals that she is wearing a size 12 “just for fun,” so they are a bit big on her. Check out the prototype below and stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for updates on its release.


  1. He ain’t even put out a pair that I’d ever slide on my feet and that price that you pay for those you could buy a fucking used Honda he’s trippin frfr

  2. God those are the ugliest damn pieces of shit shoes I have EVER seen!
    Kanye! Get help!!!
    I got 5 year old bedroom slippers that look better than this!!!

  3. This man isn’t thinking straight anymore he should be in the Asylum from all the b******* the Kardashians put him through he’s just trying to survive guys take it easy on them he’s gone through a lot of s*** with the Kardashians

  4. They will still buy them just like they buy all the other ugly BS because of the price we live in a world full of Followers

  5. Imagine all the clickity clackin youโ€™ll be doin if you walk over gravel and get them rocks stuck in ur shoe.

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