Italian sportswear brand Kappa and S.S.C. Napoli are joining forces to present a limited-edition, Maradona-inspired Kappa Kombat PRO jersey with the Italian team.

The jersey originally debuted late last year during a Serie A match between Napoli & AS Roma as a tribute to the late and great Diego Maradona a week after his passing. The club’s traditional colors reflect the Gulf of Naples, as Naples is a coastal city, and are aptly referred to as azurre, defined as “bright blue in color like a cloudless sky.” The Kappa Kombat PRO jersey’s light blue hue, however, draws inspiration from Maradona’s Argentinian look drawn from the 1986 World Cup. This rendition features HYDRO-WAY PROTECTION fabric technology. The Kappa Omini logo stands on the chest and sleeves while the S.S.C. logo emphasizes a 3D makeup.

The limited edition Kappa Kombat PRO x S.S.C. Napoli will be available in the United States starting March 25th on the Kappa website, coming in with a $140 USD pricetag.


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