kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_08

Kazuki strikes again, and the latest piece to get the “84 lab” treatment is this iconic CNTR Weld. These retro wonders are looking better than ever with the leather meets canvas construction getting a black or grey dotted look that is an impressive step for adidas. These killers will be up for grabs on February 21st.

kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_15 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_09 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_11 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_06 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_16 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_10 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_07 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_12 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_03 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_02 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_05 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_13 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_04 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld_14 kazuki-adidas-cntr weld



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