Kerwin Frost, the eclectic, eccentric multi-hyphenate creator, has teamed up with 7-Eleven to release a new creation dubbed Kerwin’s Snack Attack Uniform, the official uniform of snacking.

This drop continues Kerwin’s partnership with the convenience store chain, which started with the launch of Kerwin’s Snack Party Mix Popcorn at the pop-up 7-Eleven store inside Kerwin’s Kingdom at ComplexCon 2021 (check out a video recap here).

The Snack Attack Uniform comes in two colors — pink and green — and includes Kerwin’s Snack Attack Jacket, Snack Attack Pants, and Snack Attack Glitter Tee. The jacket features a large “7” logo and comes with 11 pockets, while the pants have the number 11 printed on them and is equipped with 7 pockets. Each of these 18 pockets come filled with Kerwin’s favorite 7-Select snacks, including 7-Select Gummi Blue Sharks, 7-Select Buffalo Chicken flavored Chips, and 7-Select Go!Smart Ginger Shots. One of the pockets also includes Kerwin’s Snack Party Mix Popcorn, which is made with white chocolate popcorn, candied chocolate pieces, cinnamon toasted cereal, and chocolate cake mix.

This is not the first time 7-Eleven has collaborated with someone from the streetwear community. Earlier this year, the chain teamed up with Chicago designer Joe Freshgoods on a JFG x 7-Eleven capsule collection.

Kerwin’s Snack Attack Uniform, complete with Kerwin’s 18 favorite snacks, is priced at $280 USD and will be available on Monday, December 13th on Only 500 uniforms available to the public and it will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. You’ll also be able to purchase Kerwin’s Snack Party Mix Popcorn separately on the site, as well as at a 7-Eleven in West Hollywood (1100 N La Cienega Blvd) and a 7-Eleven in NYC (82 Greenwich St).

Photos shot by Vijat Mohindra


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