These days, it’s hard to come by an authentic early release and with social media being the ultimate flame pit, you always have to re-assure yourself about the authenticity of your kicks before you post. With the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” becoming a controversial release, It’s always expected to be flamed for having a pair whether they’re real or not. A Few minutes after Kevin Hart posted his pair, several individuals began to question the authenticity of his RO’s. Shortly after, Kevin Hart responded with

“For my Haters…..REAL REAL REAL BITCHHHEESSSS!!! #TheyMadBecauseIgotMineSoEarly #OhYouMadCuzImStylingOnYou #LittleSwag #Connections #HowDareYou #EnoughSaid”

Real or Fake? You let us know.



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