Vans and the Greenhouse incubator app have teamed up with Kids of Immigrants, a socially conscious brand and activist collective, to release a set of hand-distressed shoes that pay tribute to the working-class spirit and the daily struggles felt by many immigrants from across the world.

The campaign, which is titled “Work a Day In Our Shoes,” spotlights the family members of KOI as role models and figures of power. While immigrants do essential and incredibly hard work every single day, their contributions are often overlooked and left in the shadows. The KOI x Vans collection aims to change this, and it aims to “[honor] the blood, sweat, and tears shed by our families and communities to persevere and the relentless work ethic and drive that we carry on.”

The collection’s Vans Lowland CCs were all hand-distressed by KOI members using paint and dremels, providing a unique design that embraces the rough edges that come with the drive to provide for one’s family. The shoes will come with a KOI brush and sandpaper set for further individual customization by each wearer.

The Kids of Immigrants x Vans collection will release on October 2nd via the Greenhouse App, Foot Locker’s website, Foot Locker Compton, and October 3rd on the Kids Of Immigrants site. KOI’s website will also host the collection’s accompanying apparel release, which includes a bucket hat, shirt, and hoodie. You can take a look at campaign shots and a promo video down below.


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