Kodone, the 23-year-old illustrator hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has risen in fame in both the hip-hop world and streetwear realm. Some of his early work included tour posters, album covers, and other artwork for the likes of Playboi Carti, Lucki, and 03 Greedo. Lately though, he’s been focusing more on the streetwear side, having dropped a collaboration with Half Evil as well as his own kodoneworld collection in 2020. He’s now set to release his next collection, which is sure to be a hit amongst his loyal fans as well as anime and manga enthusiasts.

The collection includes tees and hoodies featuring a collage of various characters in Kodone’s anime doodle series. This includes characters from series such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Death Note, Demon Slayer, and Dragon Ball Z. The anime collage is also available in poster form, and the collection is rounded out by a sticker mystery pack. The stickers in the pack come in four tiers of rarity. The Akira Kaneda sticker falls under Tier 3 (Rare), while the three Tier 4 (Ultra Rare) stickers are Rengoku from Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man (from his own manga series), and a random rooster in Bottega.

The Kodone Anime Doodle collection launches on Friday, August 13th at 3pm ET on kodonism.com. Check out the pieces below.



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