coq money shot

Le Coq Sportif has made a bold comeback as we’ve seen our own site flooded with their retro classics, and today Le Coq is here to give us a teaser of what we should expect from their Fall/Winter collection. Most of the releases we’ve seen so far have followed a common theme of retro sneakers in interesting colorways, but this lookbook seems to indicate a branching out into some more fashion minded kicks, and it’s clear the time spent in apparel did Le Coq well, resulting in some truly well designed sneakers. For up to date info on these sick releases, get in tune with Modern Notoriety’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More photos after the jump.

le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-02 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-10 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-09 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-08 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-07 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-06 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-05 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-04 le-coq-sportif-fall-winter-2013-03

Photos via: Sneakersaddict


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