With denim often being attributed to the American jean giants, France’s denim origins are frequently overlooked. With the full title of this shoe being dubbed the “LCS R1000 De Nimes”, Nîmes is the town where jean fabric was invented. Le Coq Sportif decided to pay homage to its roots and has applied the denim technique with an amazing use of color blocking. The insoles feature a map of the suburbs of Nîmes and is available at Le Coq Sportif and premium stores such as Footpatrol and Hanon.

le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0004 le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0003 le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0009 le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0006 le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0008 le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0007 le-coq-sportif-modern-notoriety-vince-sirico-0005


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