Levi’s is honoring the late and legendary artist Keith Haring through a Disney x Keith Haring collection, featuring Haring’s rare Mickey Mouse works on Levi’s staples. The customizable collection follows the release of Levi’s x Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends collection in January.

While the idea of Haring’s Mickey Mouse artwork atop classic denim staples is already dope within itself, Levi’s steps it up by allowing shoppers to go online or in-store to create their own garment pieces. Simply select one design out of various illustrations of Mickey blended with Haring’s abstract designs, and a layering piece or denim trouser. Not only do you choose the graphic, but arrangements such as size, location, and execution are also in your hands. Levi’s serves as the perfect blank denim canvas for this artistic release, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to create your own imaginative design with Haring’s legendary work.

Look out for the Disney x Keith Haring collection on Levi’s website and in-stores on April 8th. Online, find the customizable pieces at Levi’s Tailor Shop or purchase two pre-customized all-over print iterations on the Levi’s App.


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