Nostalgic streetwear fans rejoice. Lifted Research Group (LRG) is set to bring back an iconic piece of clothing that will be sure to rekindle the memories of OG streetwear heads.

The “Dead Serious” hoodie, originally released by LRG in 2005, was the epitome of cool back in the day. The skeleton graphics glowed in the dark. The eyes were mesh so you can see through them with the hoodie zipped up. It retailed for about $100, much more affordable than BAPE’s Shark Hoodie, but its resell value was 3 to 5 times that amount, depending on the colorway. The black colorway was the go-to, but then Kanye West pulled up to a Stella McCartney fashion show in the red colorway in 2006.

Based on teaser images posted by LRG on social media, we can expect to see the hoodie return in a black colorway with grey bone graphics and a yellow heart, though it is yet to be seen if this is the only colorway that will release. You can catch the LRG Dead Serious hoodie’s return on October 30th on


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