The Internet is undefeated when it comes to creating viral memes. The hottest meme right now is the storming of Area 51 to “see some aliens”, stemming from the Facebook event which as of now has 1.3M attendees and 1.1M interested participants. Another viral meme is Lil Nas X and his numerous “Old Town Road” remixes, the latest featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Walmart-yodeler Mason Ramsey (also a meme in his own right).

Lil Nas X has dropped an animated video for this remix, which features the foursome galloping to Area 51 on their horses (Young Thug opts to ride a snake instead). They are joined by other meme references, like Keanu Reeves running Naruto-style.

Check out the video below, animated by Somehoodlum.


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