Copying isn’t good, and when you do it on a large scale it’s even worse. Jeremy Scott is feeling the heat from the backlash stemming from his plagiarism fiasco, one in which his latest line features artwork stolen from Jimbo Phillips, graphic artist for skate company Santa Cruz. Now he’s literally feeling the heat thanks to a recent video from Streetwear label Los Hacheros. The video is filmed with the Harlem Shake playing in the background as Jeremy Scott adidas shoes proceed to get torched. The video was released along with a statement from Los Hacheros which reads as follows:

Jeremy Scott has been embarrassing the sneaker scene for many years, and
coupled with his blatant disregard for Santa Cruz we decided to issue some
well deserved payback. We did it in the style of the Harlem Shake, with
fire & axes.

Hacheros Shake from Los Hacheros on Vimeo.

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  1. i have nothing against adidas classics. but when it comes to the Jeremy Scott stuff. thats just awful trash

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