New streetwear label LUTI (Lovers Under the Influence) has dropped its debut collection dubbed “Welcome To Heartbreak.”

Lovers Under the Influence is fueled by a wide array of emotions derived equally from love and heartbreak. The journey of dwelling darkness and finally emerging into light is a path filled with complex emotions.

The debut collection “Welcome to Heartbreak” gives a different meaning to the popular phrase “Wearing your heart on your sleeve.” The feeling is portrayed through color, art and words. The minimalist approach lets the elements to narrate itself to the user. The collection draws inspiration from aesthetically pleasing objects along with shedding light to embrace the ‘Lonely Lover’ inside of you. The consistent message with every collection is “Every silhouette, every detail, every single line will be inspired by love and heartbreak with admiration for all things aesthetic.”

The collection consists of an array of goods from a button down short sleeve to pocket tees, to hoodies, gloves, and scarves. The apparel is dressed in a a greyscale colorway featuring black/white variations along with the logo and branding in subtle colors.

Check out the collection below and shop the collection on while supplies last.


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