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MaroonNYC to release first collection titled “exhibitionONE”


New York native Chris Frangoulis or better known as the popular Instagram shoe designer @MaroonNYC, is set to release his first collection titled “exhibitionONE”. This limited collection will have 25 units of The Air Max One Premium which is individually numbered and customized by Dank Customs.The shoe features a maroon stitched upper and a MaroonNYC logo pressed on the outside of the shoes. Finished off with maroon chenille swoosh.The collection will also consist of Shirts (hand numbered), Embroidered Hats, Water bottles, and Pins with Brooklyn’s own Pintrill. All in very limited quantities.

We had a chance to talk Chris about exhibitionONE and his plans for the future:

Q:Whats the focus behind the collection?

Chris: “The focus of the collection can be found in its name “exhibitionONE”. An exhibition can be defined as “a public display of works of art or other items of interest”. This is the first shoe I’ve ever colored/designed and actually held in my hand and sold to the public. For the first time my work is being out on display at this large of a scale. I wanted to create a shoe that captures the closing weeks of the summer and the introduction of the fall. Something that can be tastefully worn in all seasons.

Q: What are your plans for the Future?

Chris: As far as what the future holds, let’s look at another way to define exhibition. “(in sports) a game whose outcome does not affect a team’s standing, typically one played before the start of a regular season.” I have not even started yet, the last two years has been spent planning to get my first collaboration with a major sneaker brand, and this is the first big step towards that. Call this my try-out if you must. I plan on doing these limited shoe runs 3-4 times a year and pushing the needle every chance I get”.

The collection has a limited online release on Friday, August 18.The full collection is then set to release at a pop-up location on Saturday, August 19


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