While fans are still mourning the loss of Spidey, Marvel Studios hopes to keep fans pleased by announcing more live-action projects that will be available on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

At Disney’s D23 Expo, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige gave the crowd glimpses of previously announced titles, like WandaVision and What If?, but also took the stage to announce three new shows that will be found on Disney+: Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Read a tidbit about each character joining the MCU below and check out Disney+ once it launches on November 12.

Pakistani-American superhero Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel protects the streets of Jersey City with her one-of-a-kind embiggening power. Growing up, Kamala Khan idolized Super Heroes like Captain Marvel, never dreaming she’d have the opportunity to join her role models in safeguarding society from the forces of evil. With an Inhuman ability to alter shape and size, the newest Ms. Marvel employs an idealistic attitude as much as any power to make the world a better place.

Struggling with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations, Marc Spector fights on against all odds as the cloaked avenger Moon Knight. Marc Spector’s CIA career and mercenary work added to his boxing skills to endow him with not only strength and endurance, but also with a high degree of tactical and strategic skills, as well as combat and weapons expertise. Beyond boxing, he knows several martial arts, is a talented athlete and gymnast, and can speak several languages. Unfortunately, these abilities are balanced by an uneven mental state that manifests itself in bouts of depression and multiple identity disorder.

It’s hard not to notice She-Hulk, but there’s so much more to Jennifer Walters than her immense strength, stature, and distinctive green (or, at times, grey) skin. Jennifer Walters is a world-class New York City attorney in which her talents match that those of the best defense attorneys in New York, although she often takes on cases that appeal more to her sense of justice rather than her pocketbook. After getting a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters gained all the powers of the Hulk – and all the problems. But while she gained massive strength, she never lost her passion for justice.


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