Medicom Toy has collaborated with Pokémon for a bright yellow Pikachu BE@RBRICK figure, releasing in 400% and 100% sizing.

This collectible figure emulates the bold feature of the Pokémon, Pikachu. Its body is made out of bright yellow course flocky material. At its ears, it has black colored accents. His face has round black circles with white pupils, a black dot for its nose, an adorable black squiggly smile and completed with Pikachu’s iconic bright red circle cheeks.

Medicom is holding an online raffle to be able to purchase the Pikachu BE@RBRICK in-store that will close on January 25th at 10am EST. The raffle winners will be able to purchase their BE@RBRICK at the Tokyo Solomachi store on Saturday February 1st for $120 USD.


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