mi adidas preview_02

The day you can finally put your stupid face across a sneaker is finally here, and no, you’re not signing a million dollar deal, adidas is launching their “mi adidas” app. The app will allow you to, from your phone, upload a picture of whatever you wish (we eagerly await the pending list of off-limit items) to be printed across your very own ZX Flux. This event pictured features a few people who got the opportunity to test it out, and if you look closely you can see the possibilities. We cannot wait for this, the possibility for hilarity/coolness is palpable. As always stay tuned to MN for the latest.

mi adidas preview_03 mi adidas preview_04 mi adidas preview_05 mi adidas preview_06 mi adidas preview_09 mi adidas preview_07 mi adidas preview_10 mi adidas preview_08 mi adidas preview


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