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We got a look at the Enterbay Michael Jordan Figurine recently and now we found the opportunity for you to pick one of the limited pieces up yourself. The set was limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and comes packaged with a mini instruction booklet, a removable warm-up suit, and is neatly bundled in a sneaker style shoe box. The actual figurine is pretty cool to look at in general, but the real fun comes with the fully functional limbs which allow you to create any pose you desire to put on display. With availability scarce on these as it is, it will be difficult to attain these regardless of your home country, but it will be especially difficult to get one of these stateside seeing as how this is an Asia specific release. Don’t miss your chance to really bolster your Air Jordan collection with a rare trinket so go ahead and check this out because You Can Buy Them Now


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  1. I wish I could have these but the price is out of this world for a toy wtf u can buy a car 4 the price of this


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