Even as a retired NBA player, Michael Jordan still thinks he would’ve beat the guys on this list one on one: Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Bryant and Lebron James. In a recent 2K14 interview, Michael Jordan was asked “Who’d he play against back in his prime ” and he listed every major player in the game including current dominant NBA athlete’s. The list was followed by a “I don’t think I’d Lose…except maybe against Kobe” statement, Which it pretty accurate considering all of the recent comparisons between both players. Check out the 2K14 Bit below and let us know what you think!

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    • MJ undoubtedly the greatest player to ever live. MJ undoubtedly the best player in the league thoughout the 90s.

      Kobe was a rookie in 96′. The Black Mamba didn’t emerge until after 06. This would mean that he played for approximately a decade before his was considered Jordan like. 10 Years before he was that “cold blooded killer”.

      Anybody that watched basketball knows that there were a few years where a solid argument could be made that Tracy McGrady was the best player in the league.You could make an argument that Allen Iverson, TMAC, Shaq were all better than Kobe, up until, Kobe undoubtedly took the thrown after 05-06. (BTW his reign only last for 4 years then LBJ personally took it off his head)

      Air Jordan had been there since 84′ through the decade and never looked back. His Airness was Finals MVP for all six of his championships.

      The Black Mamba was finals MVP for 2 of his 5 (Shaq, David Stern, and Tim Donaghy won him the other 3).

      Regular Season MVPs:

      MJ 5 > 1 Kobe

      Other 1 time MVP winners that come off the top of my head:

      Allen Iverson 1 = 1 Kobe

      Shaquille O’Neal 1 = 1 Kobe

      Dirk Nowitzki 1 = 1 Kobe

      Derrick Rose 1 = 1 Kobe

      These guys won MVPs over Kobe during his own Era (what????)

      That doesnt even include LeBron, Steve Nash, and I think Garnett won 1 too.

      If you want to compare greatness you can’t just count the rings on your fingers otherwise Derek Fisher and Robert Horry would be in the mix and they would all lose to Bill Russell…

      Now lets talk about stats but let’s be careful because we all know how misleading stats can be. For the sake of ending this discussion with no possible chance for rebuttal we’ll compare career stats PER GAME. I mean we are comparing legacy’s correct? Okay.

      Games: Kobe wins (played longer)

      Minutes: MJ played more per game

      FG%: MJ 49.7 > 45.4 KOBE MJ WINS

      3Point%: MJ 32.7 5.3 KOBE MJ WINS (More OFF & DEF)

      AST: MJ 5.3 > 4.8 KOBE MJ WINS

      BLK: MJ 0.8 > 0.5 KOBE MJ WINS

      STL: MJ 2.3 > 1.5 KOBE MJ WINS

      PF: MJ 2.6 = 2.6 KOBE MJ WINS

      TO: MJ 2.7 > 3.0 KOBE MJ WINS

      PPG MJ 30.1 > 25.5 KOBE MJ WINS

      Stat Summary:

      Although Kobe shoots marginally better from the perimeter, MJ rebounds, plays better defense, scores more points while shooting significantly better from the field (during hand checking era) all while taking better care of the ball PER GAME.

      Kobe took MJ’s post up game (trying to better it by working out with Hakeem The Dream)

      Kobe took MJ’s turn around jumper

      Kobe mimic’s MJ’s attitude (except more douchie and that’s hard to do because MJ was a dick)

      Kobe took MJ’s fist pump (game 6 of 06 Western Conf Finals against Suns)

      Kobe even stick his tongue out like MJ at times.

      Now unfortunately I was never able to see MJ play growing up (born in 91, but have watched a lot of Jordan playbacks) and have watched Kobe my whole life (Lakers Fan since day 1), but to claim that Kobe is greater than MJ is like comparing Mercedes to BMW LOL but seriosuly its like comparing Kwame Brown to Andrew Bynum LMAO. Okay seriously he’s just a wanna be MJ that, although, is great in his own right and has undoubtedly earned it, is just not the same.

      Now don’t get it twisted. I don’t think AI, TMac, Shaq, Dirk, LBJ, Rose, Nash are all BETTER than Kobe. In fact, I don’t think you can compare any of those guys because they’re all different players but that’s a whole other argument for another day. I’m just making a point that they were all MVP’s during his era. Also, I realize that other guys have won the regular season MVP during his era, but the point I’m making is that Kobe didn’t win EITHER regular season NOR finals MVP in majority of his era while MJ won either throughout the 90s.

      It has been an honor watching Kobe over the years and I hope he comes back from his injury and balls the fuck out. One of the greats of all time, just not the greatest.

      BTW take this with a grain of salt because the only number that thoughout this that are fact are the stats. Other than that i was going off the top of my head. So, if whoever decides to bash me, be mature and come at me about the points that were being emphasized rather than the actually numbers.

      -Yours Truely,

      Unbiased Lakers Fan


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