If you grew up in or around Chicago in the ’90s, it’s very likely that you, like Chuck Anderson of NoPattern Studio, were captivated by the magic of Michael Jordan. Number 23 brought six championships to the Windy City with two three-peats in one decade, solidifying himself as the GOAT.

To celebrate the impact MJ has made in his life, career, city, and generation, Chuck Anderson has created a trio of digital paintings of Michael Jordan in action. Prints are available now on the NoPattern shop until 10:00 PM Monday, December 23rd. Prints are available in two sizes, 16×20 and 20×30, and will be signed, dated, and limited to the number of prints sold, never to be reprinted again.

Chuck Anderson is a Chicago-based artist, graphic designer, photographer, and creative director. You might know him as one of the three main writers on THE BRILLIANCE, a blog created by him and Benjamin Edgar, joined later by Virgil Abloh.

A portion of all sales will be donated to ACLU. Grab a closer look below.


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