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So that Michael Jordan guy was pretty good. He has like 6 rings, a handful of MVP’s, a bunch of All-Star appearances and he was king of important to the city of Chicago. The passion and effort he exerted for the Windy City resulted in defining a franchise and firmly entrenching the city of Chicago as a basketball powerhouse. He was honored with a statue of his signature move, the fairy dunk, and the monument was constructed during his “first retirement” in 1994 in front of the United Center. The statue took a lot of planning and work to get done and a rare artifact from the process has surfaced.If you’ve got the coin, you may be a player for something that would truly separate the casual fan from the hardcore collector, so gather up the capital and check this out because You Can Buy It Here 

Blueprints leftover from the project detail the schematics for the structure as well as offer insight into the resources necessary to keep Michael standing strong throughout harsh conditions.


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