Miley Cyrus Makes Music Video About Air Jordans . Though some serious sneakerheads might shake their heads, you have to admit it’s interesting to see how our beloved Air Jordans have gone mainstream, and you cannot get more mainstream than Miley Cyrus. This visual for the song “23” by Mike Will Made It featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J shows the band of industry rhyme slingers get all “Jordan” on us. No telling how this will effect the sneakerhead culture, but we can all take a minute to watch Miley get down in some Wolf Greys as well as some Fire Red 3’s. Let us know how you feel on the subject via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • wet34

    I’d fuck her

  • waty

    That bitch got the fuckin nerve

  • AJMANia


  • vectories

    I’d lick her butt tho

    • WTF

      As i.

  • Fanofall


  • NT

    RIP Sneaker Culture

  • NiceKicksDude

    Can’t believe this bitch dude

  • tom

    :'(((( #killmiley

  • Jibbs

    meehhh its just another generic ass song for early teens…

  • Giants

    Go ahead and hype jordans even more. Wiz was e camping for db 5s haha.

  • Jay Brodes

    sorry…nelly>miley….real talk! thanks for playing thou!

  • Quan

    I like the song I’m not gonna like I like Miley too lol but yeah jays are already hype it’s whatever Jordan’s are overrated anyway

    • QAEvOR

      yup they are def overrated now….and ye Miley can get the Django. (the jango is silent)