Author Alberto Rioja, creates a book that offers a visual history of the basketball shoes that hit the scene from 1924 to 2012. The 468 page Book titled, “Mis Zapas” (My Shoes in Spanish),  shows more than 350 models and the most iconic players illustrated in full color. From Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway to Ewing, to some of the big named brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse and more, can be seen here in full color. Check out some of the art from the book and purchase your copy at Mis Zapas






















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  1. very cool..where is bron though?? no concords or last shot for mj and penny should have been rockin foams thou! shoes…fab five?? come on!

    • What you see is just a 5% of the book, LeBron is there, the fab five are there, MJ wearing the last shots is there, and more and more and more…

      468 pages man!


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