Anyone who remembers the Air Jordan X “Varsity Red” knows that this 10 year old sneaker isn’t BEST choice for hooping and with all of the quality complaints Jordan Brand has been receiving in the past few years, it certainly didn’t help seeing the X’s explode on Tony Wroten during the game against Indiana. However according to several news outlets, Michael Jordan personally apologized for the shoe incident :

“It was more embarrassing than anything,” Wroten said Wednesday. “But things happen. I got an apology from Jordan. Yeah. … He called my agent.” – Wroten said.

If you missed out, check out the video below and listen to the commentary.


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  1. Jordan should also apologize that we have to pay an extra 15 quid or dollars to the new rises in Jordan’s in spring/summer, so from 135 pounds to 150 for rubbish quality, the quality has decreased and fallen to F grade materials, and the once most powerful billion dollar company can no longer create quality shoes! Why because fashion dominates the minds but then should it destroy its loyal base fans, I m mean seriously, you have all this money and some of us on minimum wages who love your brand and history this is how you treat us, talk about being slaves to the system.

    I guess this is now a wake up call from myself and I guess now for many others, and another question is why are Jordan and products hitting the outlets faster, quality, price and fashion and demand is decreasing, I don’t think paying more for the same retro shoes when u can buy it from the outlets is gonna love the problem, cause when the hype drops and no one buys Jordan’s, I tell u the truth I will be buying your retros and new releases in the outlets, Jordan don’t get me wrong your my favorite player of all time, and my role model in basket ball years from the early 90s and onwards, but charging us drastic prices is dumb, I was happy to buy 2 shoes when they were £89.99 now i buy only 1 and 2 if they are really special or spent my money else where, and last but not least have u ever considered the people/customers with minimum wage who scrape and save to buy your shoes and would have to struggle even more not to mention Christmas and holiday seasons, and birthdays for that matter, now you want them to pay more, have you really analyzed your customer base and new customer base if so then you will know that an average kid its not gonna but 150pounds on a pair of Jordans and if they did that will be the one pair for every 6-8 months, than compare to your sales now, you guys are having a joke, if this is how you treat customers and listen to what we have to say then you will scrap the price tag of £150.00 – £100.00, the quality of ur shoes and u want more money u can for get it, Nike your profits is not been made by selling shoes to your customers but what you guys are spending in your company, and that’s why your loosing majoity of your money by investing in rubbish, and you get rubbish, and hardly great ideas are coming out, and you’ve limited your imagination and creativity within lifestyle culture, and Adidas notice this market, hence these famous bands have emerged as, music and trainers go hand in hand, why are you not embracing this, if so who are they? and now in 2014 your brand is degrading and destroying its self, by appalling quality materials which is simpley degrading ur brand with poor quality control, your no longer adapting, developing and changing to the 21st century, your destroying your self’s and people like us and around you.

    No wonder why Kanye left u guys, you could of used him as a anchor for lifestyle and luxury (my idea don’t steal it) of Nike, and create new concepts and around him! I have heard bad things about you as a company from employees that have left and now this! This is out of order! You guys are a disgrace, you have no interest in your customers but money.

    Nike was about the customer, the runner, the athlete and then the money and the business, you guys have clearly lost your sense of direction and focus, and by the way 500 dollars for a pair of Jordan 1 luxury’s is the biggest joke ive seen and heard, I will be buying them in the outlet, and I cant wait! :D

    At least get real designers like someone from a high fashion designers, to design new range, or up and coming students from uni or college like Westminster uni, Goldsmiths, London Met, Kings College, Oxford University, Cambridge, Bristol College Etc. or work with new artist from differnt realms of the business like Domoinc Jones – Jewellery designer etc! #RANT Over #nike #jordan #jordan23 #jumpan23 #nikeeurope #nikesucks #nikeusa

  2. Well that’s what happens when you don’t wear your shoes. I guarentee you he brought those deadstock & decided to hoop in them & by them sitting the sole finally started eating away. I have those same those shoes since the day they dropped. I’ve worn & hooped in them til this day still & they’ve never exploded on me.

    This is a lesson, WEAR YOUR KICKS!!!


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