DeRozan been comin’ through with the Kobe 4 Protro heat

DeMar DeRozan snapped necks last night against the Nuggets in an unseen Undefeated x Kobe 4 Protro. Allegedly these KB4s are one of several upcoming drops much like the Undefeated x Kobe 1 Protro from 2018. Earlier this year rumors circulated about a new Undefeated x Kobe pack, but those reports centered around a late April ’19 release date. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we’re too late into April now for a release before May, so Summer ’19 appears to be a much more realistic time for these bad boys to hit the streets.

Undefeated x Kobe 4 Protro

DeMar’s joints from last night ditched last year’s camo print for a retro Spurs look of teal and yellow. We’re curious to see if every Undefeated x Kobe 4 Protro will be camo-less or if this colorways is a one-off. The shoe’s upper features mostly patent leather construction alongside a synthetic quarter panel so the Flywire can be seen. Black and white accents round out the Protro 4’s overall look.

Undefeated x Kobe 4 Protro

The use of teal really throws a wrench in many of our theories on the Undefeated x Kobe 4 Protro. A small portion of the Undefeated x Kobe 1 Protros came in patent leather and synthetic leather, but for the most part they followed a team based (Suns, Lakers, Bucks, etc) camouflage theme. Will the others be modular and follow more of a set color scheme? Will each pair be individualized? Our biggest question though is whether or not following shoes will play into retro hoops motifs. What do you think?

*go to the second picture in the IG post above by Slam

We’d be doing Kobe-Heads a disservice if we omitted to mention the other pair of stellar Kobe 4 Protros on the court last night. Denver’s Isiah Thomas, a long-time Kobe wearer) laced up some dummy Nuggets themed Kobes dressed in navy blue. These ma’shuckas are stupid clean – we’d happily take a releaseĀ right now. There’s kind of a a Batman theme behind these navy bangers.

Do these Nike Kobe 4 Protros get your blood pumping for more? Tell us in the comments section below!


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