The Modern Notoriety squad got together and hit David Chang’s newest spot fuku to sample their spin on spicy chicken sandwiches. Located a few doors down from his infamous Momofuku Noodle Bar, the restaurant is yet another base for Chang’s expanding empire.

A brief wait in a long line (a good sign) and we were in. The Lower East Side vibes were diffused with a genuine staff and low-key vibes, all leading up to the grand moment where a Koreano spicy chicken sandwich is presented to you. The simple menu indicates they mean business, if you’re coming here you’re here for one thing and one thing only, in this case, spicy chicken sandwiches. The sandwich, as promised, is literally (we mean it) the crispiest fried chicken you have ever experienced, combined with a simple pairing of proper pickles and Korean coleslaw (no mayonnaise in sight, this should be the gold standard for slaw), it’s truly the go to chicken sandwich for NYC, and that’s saying a lot. Throw in some fries, throw in some Ssam sauce and pop open an ice cold beer and you have a legitimate lunch of champions. If you find yourself in New York City you should make the journey to 163 1st Ave in Manhattan. Stay tuned to MN for the latest in eats in NYC, Chicago and wherever else the squad finds themselves.


Photography: @vincesirico for MN




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