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The latest in #MNeats sees the squad taking on David Chang’s Momofuku off-shoot Milk Bar, a dessert destination led by pastry chef extraordinaire Christina Tosi that has churned out some of the most enticing desserts in recent memory.

Known for simple yet perfect desserts, Milk Bar has made a name for its self by doing things most have never dared to do or are simply not creative enough to imagine. From their infamous Cereal Milk (exactly what it sounds like, from Corn Flakes to Raisin Bran, to Froot Loops and more) to their Crack Pie, cookies and even booze-filled milk shakes, one thing remains constant, quality. For the money it is truly hard to go wrong at Milk Bar, from a couple of dollars for a cookie to $1,000 for a wedding cake, Milk Bar has you covered. Scroll through to see some snaps of the squad’s choices, including the Crack Pie and Cereal Milk soft-serve ice cream with added Corn Flakes. For the latest on MNeats stay tuned via IG.

Photography: Vince Sirico for MN

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