Modelo has unveiled the next installment of its “Fighting Spirit” streetwear collaboration series. Following the launch of the collections with LA-based 424 and Brooklyn-based KIDSUPER, part three of five comes from Texas-based retailer Centre.

Texan culture is rich with the history of Westerns and rodeos, but Centre’s influence on the Modelo collection elevates Southern style with influence from Austin’s unique fashion and art culture. Complete with a trucker hat, denim jacket and flannel button-up, the collection is simple yet definitive of both Modelo and Centre ideologies. The flannel sports “The Fighting Spirit” in yellow on the back while the hat campaigns Modelo’s branding. The denim jacket houses a lion head with branding on the sleeves. Centre also gets to flex its sustainable practices, showcasing its commitment to manufacturing waste minimization and the creation of one-of-one pieces.

“Our collection with Modelo is one of our favorite projects we’ve ever done, as it allowed us to leverage our Centre Upcycled campaign and refurbish, redesign and customize some nostalgic Texas pieces including the flannel and denim jacket,” said Centre’s Nick Sunderman. “We are so excited to be working with Modelo and carrying the torch to embody “the fighting spirit.”

The Modelo x Centre “Fighting Spirit” Collection can be won through sweepstakes. Texas residents can see the rules and enter here. Stay tuned for the final two releases with Chicago’s RSVP Gallery and Miami’s UNKNWN.



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