Modern Notoriety kicks off it’s first Best of Instagram series that will take place every Thursday of the week. Below our a few of our favorite visuals and if you haven’t followed us yet, make sure to do so here.

ᴿᴬᶜᴷˢ // ᴿᴬᶜᴷˢ

A photo posted by L U I S R O C H A (@luisrochaphoto) on

Spare room shoe store –#My13YearOldSelfIsShinin!! #ultraboost #yeezyboost350 #boostvibes #sneakerhead

A photo posted by Teddy Safarian (@ohitsteddy) on

I need more. #supreme #supremenewyork

A photo posted by Aisha Dalila (@aisha.exe) on

Serious fomo right now.. when is Pokemon Go going to launch in Asia?! 😞 #寵物小精靈

A photo posted by *Elaine Li🎈 (@lielaine) on


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