Never walk on unholy ground again with these Air Max 97 Customs that take customization to new biblical heights.

This Air Max 97 created by MSCHF looks like any other with an all white upper and icy blue tint on the mesh and air bubble, but this pair comes with biblical references greater than the mountain Moses climbed for the 10 Commandments. To start, the right heel has INRI (Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum) embroidered on it, which translates to “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews” along with “MT. 14:25” printed on the lateral toe, in reference to the story of Jesus walking on water. The shoe also comes with a crucifix on the laces for the right shoe (Jesus sits on the right hand of God) and takes inspiration from the Vatican traditional red shoes with red insoles scented with frankincense.

But why reference Jesus walking on water? Of all the biblical stories why that one? Well, the explanation is simple. They went ahead and filled the air unit with 60cc of Holy Water! Not only that but they went the extra step to get the water sourced directly from the River Jordan. No that’s not a river named after Michael Jordan, it’s where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist aka the first baptism ever.

The shoebox is dressed with a seal resembling the official Papal Seal along with an angel from a 1514 engraving by Albrecht Durer.

Sacrilegious? Blasphemous? Innovative? Holy? Blessed? All words that may be used to describe this pair of shoes, but regardless of what you think of them, the pair sold out within minutes with a price tag of $1425 USD and are now reselling for prices as low as $2500 USD to eight times retail. But none of that really matters. All I want to know is will the Pope get his own personal pair to bless on all his sinners?

Take a full look at the shoe below and just bask in its holy glory.



  1. That’s so Blasphemous it isn’t even funny,why Nike??? This is the world we live in….mocking Jesus….

  2. You wanna boycott something we all need to boycott @NIKE for this disrespect for The Lord I vow to never wear or purchase anything from you people again.

    • Bless u brother, even more blasphamous the word nike is a greek goddess! The nike sign is the symbol for it too. Its always good to make investments we just need to know what we are investing in. Cant worship God and represent another on our clothing etc… I understand not everyone knows but when we do we have a choice. God bless u for standing brother🙏🏽👊🏾

  3. This is so disrespectful!!! I’m not Christian or catholic but putting a prophet of god on a shoe that’s just disgusting Nike!!!

  4. Jesus was not the 1st baptism ever. Have you ever read the Bible? John the Baptist got that title because he baptized people according to the law for the cleansing of their sins and a sign of repentance. Check your facts before you post.

  5. Do some research people! NIKE DID NOT MAKE NOR ENDORSE EITHER OF THESE SHOES! MSCHF Did these “revamps” on there own!


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