Following the debut of his new single “Montero,” Lil Nas X teams up with MSCHF to release a limited quantity of “Satan Shoes,” an Air Max 97 custom from the same people that created the Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes” from 2019.

This AM97 comes in an all-black colorway with red embroidered detailing and a bronze pentagram clipped to the laces. Further detail on the shoe includes “Luke 10:18” embroidered on the front lateral, referencing the line “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” in the Bible. Additionally, an exclusive 666 pairs are being sold, each individually numbered “x/666” in red embroidery. However, the most unconventional and imaginative of all the detail choices lies in the soles of the pair, which are filled with 66cc of red ink and one drop of human blood.

The MSCHF x Lil Nas Air Max 97 “Satan Shoes” drop on March 29th at 11AM ET through the MSCHF app.

Lil Nas X x MSCHF Air Max 97 “Satan Shoes”
Release Date: March 29, 2021
Price: $1,018 USD


    • These 2 clowns are sell outs. Who’s stupid enough to think it’s cool to sell their souls to the devil. It’s disgusting.

    • “In life, we hide the parts of ourselves we don’t want the world to see,” says Lil Nas’ voiceover in the opening shot. “We lock them away, we tell them, ‘No,’ we banish them. But here, we don’t. Welcome to Montero.”

      “Montero,” aka a reimagined Garden of Eden, is also Lil Nas X’s real name. In his world, he is free to live unapologetically as himself.

      Lil Nas then gets seduced by the snake-human thing and is taken to a coliseum to be executed — the first of many nods to Greek and Roman mythology.

      The writing on the tree was pulled from Plato’s Symposium, which, for those who don’t know (me), is a philosophical text about some men gathering at a banquet in honor of the god of love and desire.

      JUST as he is about to ascend to heaven, the biggest stripper pole I’ve ever seen shoots up in front of him and drags him straight to hell.

      *Enter the devil*, who is sitting atop his throne surrounded by more Greek words that translate as, “They condemn what they do not understand.”

      Not hard to read between the lines here. At this point, I think we know what Lil Nas X is trying to say about the homophobic slurs and prejudice he’s experienced as a gay Black man in the music industry (and life).

      But the cherry on top of the cake in this whole music video is when Lil Nas literally “dances with the devil” in the form of a sexy little lap dance.

      I think there’s a lot that he could be saying here: Not only is he fully trolling those who have undoubtedly told him he’s “going to hell” for his sexuality, but it could also be a nod to his confession earlier this year that he was at one point suicidal — i.e., dancing with death.

      We know that Lil Nas is a fan of using humor to cope, so this lap dance could be a way of humorously reclaiming his narrative and owning his truth. And the verdict is out — the fans agree.

      He seduces the devil and then snaps his neck like a twig before claiming his rightful place on the throne.

      This honestly might be one of his greatest videos to date. The thought he put into it and the creative freedoms he took rewriting some of the most famous texts in history…I stan.

      One last thought: Lil Nas X being the only character featured in the video EXCEPT the devil is powerful in itself.

      • He’s giving Satan a lap dance because the devil loves sexual immorality, and lust. He’s also giving Satan a lap dance because the devil is his “daddy.” Montero is under demonic influence and is choosing sin instead of freedom. Snapping satans neck is showing that he’s defeated in the long run, Jesus hasn’t lost a battle and won’t! Also proves that the devil can use just about anyone if you let him, for example Lil Nas and the horns. There is so much sin in this video it’s disgusting and sad to the father! Idolatry, immorality, sorcery, and pride are just examples. You my friend need to see what God sees, not what culture sees! Praying for Gods love to touch him and break these chains!

        • Who fucking cares. There is no God. We are all fucking food. Better lose some weight. You might live longer. The fat ones are eaten first

      • The fact that Christians can’t figure out a metaphor when it’s presented in front of them is hilarious… Just because it uses your Satan as imagery doesn’t mean it’s “devil worship” it’s mostly just trolling Christian idiots who think their beliefs are the one true belief

    • Can’t sell your soul, God has already bought it with the ultimate price. By the blood of His son. This man is under demonic influence, and is choosing what he believes is right. There’s no selling, but there is choosing. Satan will try to come like a thief in the night and try to steal, kill and destroy. That’s what Satan tries to do with God creation.

  1. How and where is the blood sourced from. Ask self why would nike entertain this. What exactly are they selling? Weirdness? Division?
    Its just piss poor.

    • I’m pretty sure that these are not licensed by Nike. They are a custom design added to the Nike Air nac sneaker by a 3rd party company MSCHF

    • Nike’s CEO is a Pedo, just look at the art he collects.. just like Clinton’s,Epstein etc
      The Elites love Satan and want to push him onto us.

  2. I’m appalled. Words cannot describe the amount of disgust and disbelief that this is truly happening. Jesus please save us!!!! Never supporting or buying Nike again!!!!


  4. What being in Hollywood and being a homosexual does to someone’s psyche. Pray for the conversion of souls.

  5. Jesus will come soon, repent people from ur sins. All He wants is to save u from going to hell. But it u choose hell over Him, it’s ur problem.
    This is not the only satanic thing that’s out there now, look at the music industry, movie industry. Satan is not hiding anymore

  6. I’m down with the devil and would wear these with pride, as long as they aren’t made of leather.
    Awesome #HailSatan

  7. All the Nike merchandise I own is now in the trash and NIKE AND IT’S SUBSIDERARIES CAN GO TO THE PLACE THEY ARE ADVERTISING!!!

  8. all these reactionary religious nutters loosing their minds over a pair of badly designed shoes.

    God isnt real. Satan isnt real. The Bible is fiction. Jesus was a communist.

  9. “1. all-black colorway with red embroidered detailing and a bronze pentagram clipped to the laces.
    2. “Luke 10:18” embroidered on the front lateral, referencing the line “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” in the Bible.
    3. An exclusive 666 pairs are being sold, each individually numbered “x/666” in red embroidery.
    4. imaginative of all the detail choices lies in the soles of the pair, which are filled with 66cc of red ink and
    5. one drop of human blood.”


    satan knows his TIME IS ALMOST UP!
    With only 666 of those shoes being released, every person who makes a conscious choice to wear the shoes, also has chosen satan as their master. They sold their soul to satan.
    The human blood that is in those shoes is a drop of death—a murderous satanic spirit.
    When the shoes are worn, crimes of murder, indecency, horrific acts of evil will be committed. People will be influenced to immeasurable degrees of sin.

  10. Unbelievable. Jesus is Lord and every knee will ultimately bow to Him. We need to pray for these lost souls. They did a Jesus shoe probably so they could get away with this… unbelievable. Would they dare to do a Islamic shoe? I doubt it.

  11. This man needs to encounter Yahshua the one who died paying for all sin and arose so there could be not only payment made for sin forgiveness and cleansing of all sin but a new man come forth. This man thinks he can kill satan the evil in his life and then have life yet without what Yahshua did he cannot for death to the one born in sin the beast must come and only Yahshua can do that bringing forth a new man that is of the father not born in sin. That new man does have life and that more abundantly thru what Yahshua did. I pray he encounters the one who is life as Paul did who was on the way to kill those who had found new life thru what Yahshua did for them.

  12. They are advertising Luke 10:18 Satan falling from heaven because he LOST. If you read the verse before that

    Luke 10:17 it says “ And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”

    So people choose your team, a losing team where you burn in hell or the God of love and for eternity praising Jesus on the streets of gold

    Deuteronomy 6:4
    Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD

  13. Really nice to see that the majority of comments and individuals here are against this demonic garbage. Prays the Lord Jesus and may he have mercy on these Santa worshippers souls…

  14. Who knew a business that openly uses slave labor to produce their product and propagates a shallow consumer culture through use of (primarily) black athletes would be into satanism hmm…

  15. There is no God, there are only stories made by humans to control other humans. We understand, and we fear. We are aware of death, and we let that fear convince us that irrational superstitions are real. An all powerful being that loves us so much that they commit genocide on us while we’re alive, and have us tortured when we’re dead. I’m thankful that God isn’t real, because if it was, it would be the single biggest threat to humanity. Even as a fictional being it still creates acts of violence & destruction within our species.

    • First of all, you can say God isn’t real. It’s your choice, your opinion. However, I’m a Christian and God is not a story to me. Nobody uses God to control me. The fact that I have God and know that He loves me and that I can love Him back is empowering and illuminating. I am not scared of death and I fear no man. I don’t crave man’s acceptance or love or anything because I don’t need it.

      And where did you get your idea of the fictional being that creates acts of violence and destruction within our species? Your words and the meaning don’t come together properly. If something or someone is fictional, then it takes the role of a character in someone’s head and whatever or however that person imagines that character to be is what it will be. Take you for example, you believe God to be irrational, to be a committer of genocide, to be the torture of dead souls and to be the single biggest threat to humanity. That’s what He will be to you. And that’s on you and your imagination and thinking. I don’t see Him that way. And the fact that you assume that about Him and don’t let Him get a word in edgewise is being judgmental on His Person.

      I hope in your daily life, you at least give someone the chance to communicate and talk and for you to listen before you make assumptions as to their character.

    • then your life is one sorry state to another state of oblivion, nothingness, darkness, gone to be forgotten, after you kaput.

    • Wow… I feel so sorry for you because no matter what I say you won’t believe me. God is real and when he comes back you will not have the chance to apologize for what you just said. You will see all the things you have said, done, thought, etc. and you will either go to heaven or hell for those things. Think about that and see if you want to be chained up and thrown in a pit of lava for all eternity while Christians are in heaven running with lions, sitting in our houses Jesus built for us, flying, feasting and doing anything we want. I wish the best for everyone reading this in life and I hope you repent from all you evil doing.♥️I love you and so does Jesus.

  16. Man all y’all Jesus freaks getting all bent out of shape over some shoes. Cancel Nike? Lol ok, you do that then.

  17. Smh, I’m just looking a the comments and both side is sinners. God and the devil is real, who you choose is on you, the is why we have the rite to free will and the only person who could judge is God.

  18. There is heaven and there is hell, God rules over all. satan the father of lies and death is waging war against God through Gods creation (the human race) he will enlist as many as he can for satan’s time is short, he knows Jesus is coming back to take his people to heaven to live forever praise God thank you Jesus. And those that have joined satan in his battle to take people strait to hell will also join satan to LIVE in hell to burn alive and to be tourcherd forever they will seek death but not find it.
    For God has given them that choice heaven or hell? Choose ye this day who you will serve . Satan has already lost that’s why he is ugly and lives in the fiery furnace. As for me, my parents, my grown children and their childern and their childerns children × 1000 will serve our Lord Jesus forever thank God for believing and praying grandparents and great great great grandparents. Heaven!!! We are homeward bound , hope to see you there where there is no darkness and the Son always shine🥰 Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ( the BIBLE read it !! It will touch your heart and open your eyes to the truth.) Oh! And those satanic shoes, I would walk a mile in them for any amount of money!! My soul is NOT for sale 🤗

    • Is it up for negotiation? What if your soul would be the price to end world hunger and disease. What if your soul was the price to pay, for all of man kind to finally act peacefully to one another and end all the differences our species has and instead of moving forward in individual greed all humans worked together for the future and evolution of the species….. would that be worth atleast 1 soul??

      • One person’s soul will not be the answer to peace. That takes all of us as a group and based on these comments and how everyone is treating each other, we will never reach world peace. If you are going to have your username as Lucifer you should know that…oh wait satan wouldn’t know anything about reaching peace

  19. It’s crazy how people see this and still a support a demon in its purest form like most celebrities sold their soul for fame the only one that I think hasn’t is Kayne west. have yall seen him start talking abt how radio lied then the next day he was “mentally unstable” like this world will not last for much longer repent for your sins guys it’s not too late!!

  20. What in the world was this little freak thinking of. No worries folks. He’ll be done in by his sick 21st Century Pedo Slave Masters. BTW, this is what happens when you are not talented (i.e. Cardi B.), but merely a corporate entertainer. This guy probably has rug burns for days.

  21. the Lord is returning. satan knows his time is almost up. Jesus is returning. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, repent and turn to the Lord. He loves you and he is real.

  22. All of you that don’t believe God is real just remember this when you die and realize Hell is for all eternity. Praise the Lord.

  23. All of you that don’t believe God is real just remember this when you die and realize Hell is for all eternity. Praise the Lord.

  24. I never thought in my life time I would even consider dropping $1K on a fucking pair of shoes. Only drawback for me is that it is only a drop of human blood…..why not fill the whole soul????


  25. All the people saying “satan is my homie” or “ i sit well with satan”… the hilarious thing is you are so delusional and uneducated because no matter if you “sit well with satan” he still ABSOLUTELY HATES YOU! No matter how many sacrifices and rituals you do for him, he will never like you, you will never have a place in his heart, he will never think about you because he doesn’t have a heart. He loves NO ONE so before you decide to go sell your soul to the devil make sure you know he couldn’t give a crap about you, but Jesus got tortured and beaten so you could live with him in heaven for all eternity!

    P.S reply with the worst things you want, swear at me all you want, send me death threats I couldn’t care less… I know who I am and I know my worth.♥️⚡️

  26. The greedy criminal jew is using the dum nogs to advance its agenda of
    greed and evil. They use the parasitical dum black as muscle. But they Will be stoped, trust me. You cannot mock and insult the Holly Spirit in vain, and we ll Stop you. We Are The 99% . They are systematically trying to destroy Our Nations, but our people have a superior intelligence. We will not share our accomplishments with you. Go to hell

  27. The dumm faggot got “butt tampered” by the jewish fags of hollybutt.
    The primate has sold its soul to satan and its jew mastets. Pitiful and pathetic.
    It has cheapened country music just withits presence. Porr short gig, its a short nog complex. How many jew asses have u kissed?

  28. This is tommy James send me a pair to 1115 super genius circle Akron Ohio 44306 so I can wear them to church on Sunday


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