nanamica-champion-sum15 cutoff sweater
If you’ve been thinking, “man, I love wearing my sweatshirt but it’s too hot” then somehow you’ve had your mind read, and maybe you should be concerned about that, or not, but nanamica and Champion have dished up a set of cut-off sweatshirts for Summer ’15 that will have you cozy and cool, a relatively desirable feeling.

The Champion branded affair sees the classic silhouette, just missing a yard or so of fabric. From the chest logo to the additional arm logo, the OG aesthetics we know and love are in full effect here. You can have your cut-off hoodie three ways: white, grey or navy, all of which can be copped now via nanamica locations. If you’re not in Japan, head to Goodwill and buy one for $3 and cut the sleeves off yourself, far cheaper than a ticket to Japan.


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