NEIGHBORHOOD has teamed up with Mister Cartoon for an extensive capsule known as “Uncle Toons Mart.” First surfacing as a project that included two pairs of Vans, the complete collection has now been revealed.

NEIGHBORHOOD’s iconic incense chamber has been revamped to depict Mr. Cartoon’s signature character – Uncle Toons, riding in one of the artist’s favorite cars, a Chevy Impala. The piece features intricate details that outline the character’s face, and tattoos on both arms alongside the realistic looking Chevy. The smoke hole is placed at the character’s mouth with light blue co-branding on the bottom of the chamber.

The capsule also comes with a beer bottle inspired diffuser. The bottle has a shiny gold band featuring “UNCLE TOONS MART” branding along with a yellow liquid in the bottle. The diffuser lets out rich citrus scents and is complimented by lavender along with other middle notes. Complimenting the lifestyle goods, there is a variety of co-branded garments like button-ups, hoodies, tees, long-sleeves, shorts, and Stance boxers and socks, all with Mr. Cartoon’s bold graphics and dressed in a royal, black, and white color scheme.

The full capsule will be available via NEIGHBORHOOD’s website on June 26th at 12pm JST. Mister Cartoon will also be adding the Uncle Toons Mart collection to his webstore, details on that TBA. Check out the complete collection below.

Mister Cartoon x NEIGHBORHOOD “Uncle Toons Mart” Collection
Release Date: June 26, 2020


  1. Aye man wear can I get a hold of your clothing I been try to get uncle toons mart button up let me know if you have any of the clothing for sale porfas!


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