New Balance has made a name for itself lately via their many bold colorways and collaborations, and this latest release is only going to steam things up. A flamboyant take on the rugged 574, these “Rainbow Pack” kicks are available in three Rainbow-tastic colorways. Offered in three variations of  yellow, orange, blue purple and any other color you can find on a rainbow, these sparkle-infused kicks are sure to draw some attention to your feet. From the metallic upper to the translucent outsole, these truly are a flair-filled pair of sneakers. You don’t have to wait for a rainy day or chase a pot of gold to get ’em either, these are available now. More photos after the jump.

new-balance-574-rainbow-pack new-balance-574-rainbow-pack-2 new-balance-574-rainbow-pack-1

Photos via: extrabutter


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