At one point it seemed like we’d never see the end of the 574 colorway rainbow, but these past few weeks have seen a slowed rate of releases. Though we’ve seen several new colorways for other models, it’s good to see a fresh new 574, this time in the intriguing Rugby Pack. Offered in four new colorways, the Rugby Pack sees these suede and mesh beauties get all-over swaths of grey, green, navy and red, all with unique contrasting elements via the collar accents and piping surrounding the logo. Set atop a color-blocked sole, these new 574’s are a great addition to any sneakerheads closet, offering a unique yet wearable pair of NB’s. Lucky for you, these bad boys have started to trickle out, and can be purchased now. For news on future releases such as these be sure to head over to our Facebook, Twitter and InstagramMore photos after the jump.

new-balance-574-rugby-pack-15-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-17-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-18-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-19-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-20-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-21-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-16-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-11-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-13-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-10-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-09-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-08-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-07-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-06-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-05-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-03-570x380 new-balance-574-rugby-pack-04-570x380

Photos via: feature


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