new balance-996-navy-beige_12

New Balance has a certain flare for subtle aesthetics, something further proven here with the release of two fresh faced 996’s. Perched atop their Revlite soles, these suede beauties will have you feeling just as good as you look (if not better). Offered in your choice of navy or beige, the only question is how many “blue suede shoes” references would you like to make, and once you decide, head over and cop your pair(s) now.

new balance-996-navy-beige_24 new balance-996-navy-beige_23 new balance-996-navy-beige_18 new balance-996-navy-beige_14 new balance-996-navy-beige_13 new balance-996-navy-beige_25 new balance-996-navy-beige_07 new balance-996-navy-beige_06 new balance-996-navy-beige_08 new balance-996-navy-beige_09 new balance-996-navy-beige_04 new balance-996-navy-beige_10 new balance-996-navy-beige_22 new balance-996-navy-beige_19 new balance-996-navy-beige_20 new balance-996-navy-beige_21 new balance-996-navy-beige_26 new balance-996-navy-beige_11 new balance-996-navy-beige new balance-996-navy-beige_02 new balance-996-navy-beige_03 new balance-996-navy-beige_05



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