New Balance’s “Conversations Amongst Us” collection rollout kicks off today with an early release at The Whitaker Group family of retailers.

James Whitner’s The Whitaker Group is comprised of APB, Social Status, A Ma Maniére, and Prosper, servinging various cities across the eastern and southern United States including Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Charleston. Whitner and company use their platform to highlight matters that affect the Black community, such as with the release of the “Free Lunch” Social Status x Nike Dunks, which brought awareness to the rampant social inequalities that make government programs like Free Lunch necessary in underserved communities.

New Balance’s “Conversations Amongst Us” campaign, creatively led by Joe Freshgoods, serves a similar purpose, to tell the story of Black plight from an authentic perspective. The accompanying collection features footwear — such as a 2002R and 550 — and apparel, all designed by Black Soles, a team of all-Black New Balance associates.

Those that live near an APB, Social Status, A Ma Maniére, or Prosper can schedule an appointment now for an in-store raffle sign-up at their local selected store. Slots are available for Friday, April 8th, and Saturday, April 9th.

Following the raffle, beSocial ATL will be hosting Joe Freshgoods on Monday, April 11th at 8:15pm for an intimate “Tableside Conversations” discussion about the “Conversations Amongst Us” campaign and the accompanying product. The discussion will be available for viewing in-space at local beSocial spaces (Charlotte, Houston, Pittsburgh East Liberty, and Greensboro), as well as online via Zoom or Youtube.


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