New Balance has presented its efforts to show support for Pride 2021. The campaign, named “Everybody’s Welcome,” will feature footwear and apparel at the forefront, a Front Runners New York Pride Run short film and support for GLSEN’s relaunch of their Changing the Game program.

One can find graphic t-shirts, shorts, an anorak and singlets on the apparel side. As for footwear, New Balance is throwing a Fresh Foam Tempo, classic 574 and sandal to the mix.

The collection takes inspiration from the LGBTQIA+ community in various ways. Queer Hong Kong visual artist Zoie Lam offers artwork throughout the ensemble. Genderless characters find themselves among the apparel and footwear to personificate what “Everybody’s Welcome” is truly about: a sense of belonging regardless of identity. “Our hope is that this collection will help foster connections with each other,” said Sr. Marketing Manager for New Balance Kristen Mackenzie.

In addition to the material, New Balance is also offering visuals in the rollout.

A short film will debut later this month to shed light on the Front Runners Pride Run. The storyline will follow Urie Dvorozniak, a non-binary unemployed college graduate searching for community in the great New York. Urie’s quest for confidence, personal healing and acceptance is one that can resonate with many, “illustrating the importance of being able to compete on one’s own terms.”

As a lasting token of gratitude to the LGBTQIA+ community, New Balance is also partnering with GLSEN for the third year in a row.

The organization aims to create a safer space for K-12 LGBTQ+ athletes and students. The mega brand promises to donate $100,000 over the span of two years and give GLSEN the platform it needs. The “Changing the Game” program is one such mission, hoping to maintain a respectful, safe and equal access environment for students, teachers and coaches of all sexual orientations or gender identities.

The New Balance “Everybody’s Welcome” collection is available now on the New Balance website.


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