One of the few brands still actually maintaining factories in the US, this “American Rebel” collection from New Balance is a welcome and worthy release. Consisting of American themed colorways that draw inspiration from everything from muscle cars to the flag, these kicks aren’t just American themed but genuinely made in America. With fresh looks for the 998, 996 and 1300, there is a little something for everyone in here. These mesh and suede kicks don’t have a release date yet, but rest assured we will keep you updated on this sick collection via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More photos after the jump.

new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-11_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-10_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-12_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-08_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-03_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-04_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-06_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-05_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-07_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-02_result new-balance-made-in-usa-american-rebel-collection-01_result

Photos via: crosby



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