Last week, Kanye West announced that the Adidas Yeezi 3 would release in November in collaboration with the 3 stripes. The announcement was a huge shocker for those expecting the collaboration to release sometime in 2015 but adidas is making sure they close out this year with a bang. However, This release might not be as “Widely Available” as mentioned by west in his video. According to Matt Powell, The industry leader in sneaker research and analysis, the upcoming Adidas x Kanye collab will be limited. Let us know if you’re going to be on the hunt for these when they release.


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  • 350

    Powell can’t even proofread his tweet… Why should we trust him over Kanye

    • Joe Sherman


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  • TameFlame

    Whether I’ll be on the hunt for them should kinda depend on how they look, their price, and materials, don’t you think?

    • Beto

      Dude mostly everybody is pesemistic about it , but you have to understand it’s Kanye x Adidas you may hate him , may not and I admit he sucked , and knew nothing about fashion until 2010 but … I don’t know just look at him right now he knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it good . But it’s kind of sad that people buy somthing with a yeezy or Kanye written on it not because they like it , but because it’s Kanye : ( sad ) so I’ll agree with you here .

  • @wtfkd

    copped regardless

  • Adidas want a couple bodies over they sneakers like Jordan’s smfh the devilish ways of the devil. If they come in the quantity of a pair of Jeremy Scott wings I won’t be mad but if they on some Nike Yeezy shit ima be blown.