The highlight of week 10 was my Seahawks taking down the undefeated 49ers in a nail biter game on Monday night football. Right behind that though was the heat we got to see for arrivals, especially the taste of monochrome. There were a couple guys that did a great job getting dressed this week in what can sometimes be a difficult choice to pull off.

Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel had himself a career day on Monday in his first game with 100 receiving yards. Prior to his performance Samuel arrived in the Dolce & Gabbana mohair jacket and a big #19 diamond chain.

D.J. Reed Jr

I love a good monochrome and I love a good turtleneck and DJ Reed brought them both together perfectly. Reed went sans jewelry and while it certainly doesn’t hurt, I think a chain or a selection of multiple chains could add a lot to this look. Regardless, I love the color Reed chose and highly recommend you give the monochrome a shot for yourself.

Micah Hyde

The large check pattern in this light, borderline royal blue color, that Hyde is wearing pops very nicely. Even though it is a suit I would refer to this as monochrome given Hyde’s decision to wear a tie and vest that are only a couple of shades away from the blue of his suit. A full suit in pattern can be a lot but I genuinely enjoy the brightness you get without it feeling absolutely overpowering.

Morgan Burnett

A full Amiri fit that includes the Amiri City Dragon denim jacket. I wasn’t to sure about this jacket when I saw it online but now that I’ve seen it on person, I think I’m on board. The back of this jacket is pretty wild and I think it works nicely in the outfit Burnett has put together here. The J’s are also very clean and a personal favorite color of mine.

Melvin Gordon

The Chargers played in Mexico City and like the London games from earlier in the season there were jackets made for each team. Here we have Melvin Gordon in the jacket that sports the red and green of the Mexico flag on a white coaches jacket.

Christian McCaffrey

This is one of the toughest fits of the season hands down. This is exactly how I envision a Bond villain would dress if they had the body of one of the most athletic dudes in the league. This insanely good suit was done by Mitch Purgason in Charlotte, North Carolina. Purgason dresses and does custom suiting for many pro athletes and clearly has a great eye for fit and style.

Donte Jackson

Lots of tones on this one that work together in Jackson’s favor. Up top the turtleneck and coat combo are close in color and include a nice pattern to create some dimension. While I personally would have gone with either a black pant or a pant closer in color to the turtleneck, I think the yellow/brown creates an interesting harmony that may not be obvious to someone else building this outfit.

Gerald McCoy

This is our second time seeing McCoy’s iridescent Louis Vuitton duffle but this time it was an accessory to the extra wide Gucci scarf McCoy had draped around his neck. The wide scarf is a great accessory and is having its time to shine now that winter months are here.

Shaquill Griffin

The big man Shaquill Griffin had a game saving pass knockdown that helped bring the 49ers their first defeat this season. Before making that play, Griffin wore a signature Louis Vuitton monogram button down in navy blue with an assortment of jewelry. I like the straightforward choice of this outfit, it’s uncomplicated and is comfortable while maintaining that luxury look.


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