Woo! There was plenty of drama on the field this week when it came to the Browns vs Steelers game, if you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about take some time to google around and then come back. In more routine affairs the Chiefs faced off with the Chargers in Mexico City on Monday Night Football in an important division battle. That’s enough about football though, you’re here for the fits and the fits I will give you.

Kareem Jackson

My favorite part about the tartan suit Jackson is wearing is the roughness of the pattern itself. The edges are not hard lines like you usually see in a tartan that defines the line. This roughness gives it an entirely different feel that results in something that is less rigid and more comfortable.

Von Miller

Von Miller looked like he was dressed for a tropical vacation in the Bahamas in his white suit and wide brim hat. Instead of the Bahamas the Broncos took off for Minnesota, which could be referred to as the Bahama of the midwest. This is honestly a great fit that requires little effort, though it does feel a little out of place in the creeping cold of November.

Kareem Hunt

We have seen very little of Kareem Hunt given his suspension but he is now on the field for the Browns and more importantly in the arrival photos. Hunt went with the slick throwback Browns pullover that includes a dope rendition of the Browns logotype. Hunt also threw on a pair of timbs and wore them correctly, unlaced and floppy.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The lighting that the Browns have for pregame photos is phenomenal and this photo really puts it on display. The other thing on display here is the Virgil Abloh designed Louis Vuitton puffer jacket that several athletes have taken for a spin this year. We’ll probably see this pop up more in the NBA season at the weather gets colder and their season gets into full swing.

Jacoby Brissett

This is a classically clean fit that Brissett put together. Black pants and a white shirt with black stripes are the ultimate staples, but the coat(?) Brissett is wearing is good for a couple of reasons. The drab green color adds a dimension to the simple black and white outfit and its lightweight material gives a flow and movement that wears easily on Brissett. The last thing to point out are the best Travis Scott’s to date, the OG Air Force 1 low in white with the replaceable chrome swoosh. These are my personal favorite in the long line of collabs between Nike and Travis Scott.

Jamal Adams

This is here both as a praise of the items Jarrett is wearing and a word of warning. The Acne Studios coat in a deep blue is beautiful. The Tom Ford denim jacket is impeccable. But. While wonderful in their own right, I would not have paired them together like this. I would opt for damn near anything else to go under rather than a denim jacket. Each piece is so good on its own, they don’t need each other to stand out.

Shaq Thompson

The acid wash tie-dye has been a hit in streetwear for the last couple years and 88Rising used it as the base for their collaborative hoodie with Guess. Thompson also threw on a purple and orange beanie to go along with the hoodie. I like an occasional simple hoodie fit and that’s exactly what Thompson gives us.

Deshaun Watson

The sleek green Ralph Lauren letterman cardigan takes a backseat to the shoes on Watson’s feet. The most recent Travis Scott shoe from Nike recently hit retailers and sold out as expected. Watson opted to keep the shroud intact and rocked the shoe in all its glory. Are you feeling the latest Scott shoe or are you ready for something new?

Kenny Stills

Rounding things out with one of the best dressed men in the league. The reason I enjoy Stills style so much is that he doesn’t just experiment by buying high priced or highly touted items. He truly gets creative with the form and function of his clothes in a way not a lot of other guys do. I’m especially interested in the coat he is wearing here. It’s shape is like a kimono and the belt brings the familiar style of a bathrobe. It’s a unique piece that Stills wears really well that others may not be eager to embrace in their own style.



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